28/6/2013 2nd European Conference of RAIL4SEE Project

The 2nd European Conference «Improving passengers mobility through ICT enabled multimodal information provision – Strengthening the use of fixed guideway transit systems at metropolitan, regional and transnational level» of RAIL4SEE project was held at Thessaloniki Town Hall on 28th of June 2013. The conference focused on the potentials that new technologies can offer towards passengers’ information and increase of the number of rail passengers. The conference was organized by the Municipality of Thessaloniki in close cooperation with TRAINOSE S.A. and the Hellenic Institute of Transport/CERTH.

The project’s partners presented the newest developments in the field of electronic passenger information, either by presenting other European Projects or the innovations that have been applied to European Transporters and to the Passengers Information Systems.

TRAINOSE S.A. presented the company’s effort of restructuring the public services, through the innovation of the services and by giving access to rail information through the company’s web site.

For further information, please contact the project’s web site at: www.rail4see.eu or HIT/CERTH web site at: https://www.imet.gr/Default.aspx?tabid=126&ItemId=180&language=el-GR.

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