Tourism & Culture

The ride by train is not merely transportation. It is an unforgettable journey to places of major artistic and cultural importance.

TRAINOSE promotes culture in its everyday business, undertaking initiatives such as the “Clean Train”, operating regular Tourist Routes and participating in local cultural happenings.

TRAINOSE is also the operator in one of the most beautiful and historical networks internationally, and is actively promoting it  by organizing thematic excursions by train, thus enhancing local and railway tourism.

However, the company does not limit its involvement in actions strictly connected to train. TRAINOSE creates a virtual exhibition centre for new artists to demonstrate their talents and display their work. Works submitted by young talented people in visual arts, music, theatre, poetry and literature are being evaluated by TRAINOSE and published on our webpage, through .

At the same time, the company encourages alternative tourism activities, on a localized level, and promotes the role of the train through the organizing of activities aimed at raising the awareness of age old traditions and cultural heritage of the country:




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