Green Intermodal Freight Transport

Acronym: GIFT


Start: 01/03/2012

End: 31/08/2014

Duration: 30 months

Description: 30 months

The main aim of GIFT project is to map, analyze and evaluate the status of the transport sector in the partners’ network to propose new policies and strategies in infrastructure, processes, assets, ICT, legislation, norms and harmonization/ standardization issues, in order to promote innovative green intermodal freight transport corridors.

GIFT project will drill down in three Pan-European Transport Corridors, namely IV, V and VII that cover almost the entire Southeast Europe region. These Corridors have been selected because:

  • They connect by road and rail major ports to landlocked countries.
  • Important freight flows to and from Europe pass through these corridors and include/ serve areas such as the Adriatic Sea, the Danube River, the Black Sea and the Balkans.
  • They have the potential to become more environmental friendly, since the tools (financial and operational) that can enhance the intermodality and interoperability in the transportation sector are now available and the conditions necessary for their exploitation are now suitable.

Official site:

Budget: 4.267.902€


Financing: 85% European funds co-financing and 15% National funds

  • Ministry of Development, Competitiveness, Infrastructure, Transport and Networks - Επικεφαλής Εταίρος (Ελλάδα)
  • University of Aegean - Research Unit (Ελλάδα)
  • TRAINOSE S.A. (Ελλάδα)
  • Regional Inter University Consortium of Apulia Region (Ιταλία)
  • Democenter-Sipe S.c.r.l. (Ιταλία)
  • National Company - The Maritime Danube Ports Administration SA Galata (Ρουμανία)
  • Institute of Traffic and Transport Ljubljana l.l.c. (Σλοβενία)
  • Verona Innovation - Special Agency of the Chamber of Commerce of Verona (Ιταλία)
  • IFKA - Public Foundation for the Development of Industry (Ουγγαρία)
  • Executive Agency Maritime Administration (Βουλγαρία)
  • Luka Koper, port and logistic system, d.d. (Σλοβενία)
  • CER Hungary - Central European Railway Cargo, Tading and Services Privately Held Company Limited by Shares (Ουγγαρία)
  • Baja Public Port Ltd (Ουγγαρία)
  • Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry Krusevac (Σερβία)
  • Intermodal Transport Cluster (Κροατία)
  • Institute of Transport (Αλβανία)
  • Marche Region (Ιταλία)
  • Waterborne Transport Development Agency (Σλοβακία)
  • Ministry of Transport, Construction and Regional Developement (Σλοβακία)
  • Republic Of Slovenia, Ministry of Transport (Σλοβενία)
  • Slovenian Railways Infrastructure, Ltd (Σλοβενία)
  • Special Agency of the Port of Chioggia (Ιταλία)
  • CFI - Compagnia Ferroviaria Italiana (Ιταλία)
  • Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport (Ιταλία)
  • IPSA Institute LLC Sarajevo ( Βοσνία και Ερζεγοβίνη)



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