Accessibility improved at border CROSsings for the integration of South East Europe



Start: 01/10/2012

End: 30/09/2014

Duration: 24 months

Description: 24 months

The project aims at improving the cross border accessibility of the rail freight traffics. The reduction of the waiting time at the borders and the elimination in bureaucracy are of utmost importance within the project. The project will result in proposing a single policy for Southeast Europe, including West Balkans. The project’s main target is to develop synergies through development policies regarding the broader area of the Adriatic Sea, the Danube River and the Black Sea, thus forming a single transportation area. The project’s outputs will lead the investments in infrastructure and the interventions to be made in the Southeast Europe area which are necessary to increase the volume of the freight transported by train as the main transport mode, in combination with other means of transportation.

Official site:

Budget: 3.025.246,64€


Financing: 85% European funds co-financing and 15% National funds

  • Central European Initiative - Executive Secretariat - Επικεφαλής Εταίρος (Ιταλία)
  • Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Research Commitee (Ελλάδα)
  • Austria Tech - Federal Agency for Technological Measures Ltd (Αυστρία)
  • Regional Administration Smolyan (Βουλγαρία)
  • TRAINOSE S.A. (Ελλάδα)
  • Federal Ministry for Transport Innovation and Technology (Αυστρία)
  • The Association of Chambers of Commerce of Veneto Region (Ιταλία)
  • Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia (Ιταλία)
  • University Polytechnica of Bucharest (Ρουμανία)
  • Public Foundation for the Development of Industry (Ουγγαρία)
  • Region of Epirus / regional Unit of Thesprotia (Ελλάδα)
  • Venice International University (Ιταλία)
  • Logistics Unit - Veneto Region (Ιταλία)
  • Institute of Traffic and Transport Ljubljana l.l.c. (Σλοβενία)
  • Gea College - faculty of Entrepreneurship (Σλοβενία)
  • Ministry of Public Works and Transport of Albania (Αλβανία)
  • Pro-rail alliance (Κροατία)
  • Belgrade Chamber of Commerce (Σερβία)
  • Odessa National Maritime University (Ουκρανία)
  • Ministry of National Development (Ουγγαρία)
  • Ministry of Infrastructure and Τransport of Italy (Ιταλία)
  • Community of european Railway and Infrastracture Companies (Βέλγιο)
  • ITALFERR (Ιταλία)
  • Ministry of Transport and Marittime Affairs (Μαυροβούνιο)
  • Croatian Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure (Κροατία)
  • European Union Road Federation (Βέλγιο)
  • European Intermodal Association (Βέλγιο)
  • European Road Haulers Association (Βέλγιο)



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