Early and on line booking

TRAINOSE encourages the early planning of your trip with special or combined offers for discounted fares. An early and on line booking, as well as a booking of return tickets, results in discounts to fares as follows:

  •  Passengers buying their tickets prior to departure are granted a discount on the ticket fare, according to the valid pricing policy, as follows:
  1. 15% discount: Valid for ticket issue 60 days * 24 hours prior to departure
  2. 10% discount: Valid for ticket issue 30 days * 24 hours prior to departure
  3. 5% discount  : Valid for ticket issue 15 days * 24 hours prior to departure
  •  Passengers buying their tickets through mobile application are granted a 10% discount on the ticket fare (this discount is applied for a certain period of time).

The 10% discount is granted to full fare tickets, to tickets of   university students (with additional discount of 25%) and  to tickets of people from 12 to 24 years, who are already granted a 25% discount.

These combined discounts apply only to routes appearing at the mobile application.

  •  Passengers buying return tickets (with a specified return day) are granted a 20% discount. This discount applies to full fare tickets and to passengers over 65 years of age.

The discounts are applied successively, in case more than one applies.

In any case, the total discount offered may not exceed 40% of the full fare ticket price.

The above discounted fares are not applied on the following routes for which special discounts apply:

  • Athens Suburban routes
  • The Suburban route of Patras
  • The local route of Lamia (Lianokladi – Stylida)
  • The Suburban route of Larisa (Thessaloniki – Larisa – Palaiofarsalos)
  • The route Patra – Aegion/Kiato – Athens – Piraeus – El. Venizelos airport
  • The local route of Kalambaka – Palaiofarsalos
  • The local route Katakolo – Pirgos – Olympia
  • The local route Diakopto – Kalavrita
  • The route Thessaloniki – Edessa-Florina
  • The local route Ano Lokhonia – Milee



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