Multiple Journey Cards


A.Multiple Journey Cards

TRAINOSE grants significant reductions to frequent travelers for trips on the same route.

You may choose a Multiple Journey Card for a specific number of return trips or alternatively, a Multiple Journey Card for unlimited number of trips for a certain period of time.

The Multiple Journey Cards are valid on specific routes as:

  • Monthly Multiple Journey Card for the route Thessaloniki-Larisa-Kalambaka. It is valid for travels in trains with no obligatory seat reservation on this route.
  • Monthly Multiple Journey Card for the route Thessaloniki-Florina.
  • Monthly Multiple Journey Card for the route Lianokladi-Stilida (price 25€-discounted price for University students 18€)-
  • Monthly Multiple Journey Card for the route Sofades-Kalampaka (price 50-discounted price 43€). Is not valid in trains 884-885.
  • Monthly Multiple Journey Card for the route Pirgos – Katakolo-Olympia.

Katakolo-Pirgos, price 15€

Pirgos-Olympia, price 15€

Katakolo-Olympia, price 30€

  • Monthly Multiple Journey Card for the route Agh. Andreas-Patra-Rio (price 25€-discounted price 15€.Yearly Multiple Journey Card price 240€-discounted Yearly Multiple Journey card price 120€.
  • From 01.01.2019 monthly multiple journey cards will be in effect for the routes Thiva-Athens-Thiva (100€) and Livadia-Athens-Livadia (130€), for travels in trains with no obligatory seat reservation  and for economy class. A supplement of 2€ per each reservation will be required for travels in trains with obligatory seat reservation.

Athens Suburban Railway

  • Monthly Multiple Journey Card for the route Chalkida- Athens – Piraeus.Multiple Journey Card valid on the route Acharnes-Chalkida and Kato Acharnes-Piraeus are also valid on Athens Urban Route (Magoula-Koropi).
  • Multiple Journey Cards for the following Athens Suburban Lines:

Athens International Airport «Elefterios Venizelos» – Koropi – SKA-(Ano Liosia)*

Athens International Airport «Elefterios Venizelos» -Koropi – Athens – Piraeus

Piraeus – Athens- Athens International Airport «Elefterios Venizelos»

Monthly, 3-months, 6-months  and yearly Multiple Journey Card   and

Mounthly Journey Card, valid for connections  with OASA’s public transports (metro,electric line, buses,troley buses), which costs  price 30€ (discounted price 15€, transport by metro to  Koropi station- the express Aiport bus line is excluded ) or price 49€ (discounted price 25€, transport  to Athens Aiport).

*Valid from 24.02.2018

Multiple journey cards are in effect, either for  a longer,than  a month, period of time or for specific number of return trips, for some of the above  mentioned routes.

For more information, please contact TRAINOSE  sales spots.



Discounted tickets are valid for the European Youth Card holders and apply to the following routes (for which seat reservation is obligatory):

  • Athens – Thessaloniki,
  • Thessaloniki – Alexandroupoli and
  • Athens – Kalambaka (trains 884 & 885).

TRAINOSE offers to European Youth Card holders a total of 1.000 tickets in Economy class per month, at the special price of 15€ ( specific days and specific trains of high occupancy are excluded). The 15 Euro price is inclusive of all taxes.

The discounted prices are available through the TRAINOSE ticket counters ( in the railway stations and the TRAINOSE Town Offices). The card holder’s information is validated against his ID card. The discounted ticket is issued based on the seat availability of the particular train.

The special discount tickets of 15 Euros granted to the European Youth Card holders are not exchangeable or refundable, except in exceptional cases.



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