Patras Suburban Railway

From Saturday 10.10.2020 TRAINOSE S.A. offers new upgraded services to passengers, with frequent and direct connections, between the lines:

  • Agios Andreas – Patra – Rio – Patra – Agios Andreas
  • Agios Andreas – Kaminia – Agios Andreas
  • Bus connections from Kastelokampos to University and Hospital, and from Kastelokampos to Agios Basileios

Timetables are attached.

The Patras Suburban railway runs every hour daily, from 6:30 in the morning until 23:23 in the evening. It connects the city’s two ends, from Agios Andreas to Rio and Agios Vasileios, offering a fast and comfortable transportation by-passing the city’s traffic.

Also, with integrated tickets and cards at low prices, the Suburban service carries passengers fast and affordably  to the Hospital of Rio and the University of Patras, by transfer at Kastellokampos, facilitating thus the daily commute of  students, workers  and travellers.

Tickets and Multiple journey cards

  • For a limited period of time, Trainose S.A. applies an affordable ticket price of 1,4€ (discounted ticket 1,00€), that is valid for any transportation of the same direction, within one, two  or three of the following zones:

A’ zone: Agios Vasileios – Agios Andreas

B’ zone: Patra/Agios Andreas – Tsoukaleika

C’ zone: Tsoukaleika – Kato Achaia

The discounted ticket is valid for students, pupils, children (4 – 12 years old), young people (12-24 years old), multi members family, adults (+65 years old).

  • The following price table is valid only for transportation within A’ zone (Agios Vasileios – Agios Andreas)
Multiple Journey Card Price €
Multiple Trips Monthly Card 25.00
Discounted Multiple Trips Monthly Card, valid for students, pupils, children (4-12 years old), young people (12-24 years old), adults (+65 years old), disabled, multi- member families. 15.00
Multiple Trips Annual Card 240.00
Discounted Multiple Trips Annual Card, valid for for students, pupils, children (4-12 years old), young people (12-24 years old), adults (+65 years old),disabled, multi- member families. 120.00


    1. Travel free of charge for children up to the age of 4.
    2. Return tickets are double the one way ticket price
    3. There is an option to purchase a 6-month and a 3-month multiple journey card (regular and discount).

Issuing ticket or Multiple Journey Card 

Passengers, who wish to issue multiple journey cards for traveling by  Patras’ Suburban Railway or  electronic tickets for traveling by TRAINOSE’s trains in Greece, are kindly requested to contact the sales points at  Patras, Agios Andreas and Rio  railway stations.

Passengers, who wish to travel by Patras Suburban Railway, are able to obtain their tickets from Patras, Agios Andreas and Rio  railway stations, as well from  co-operating sales points as  referred below:

Location Sales Point Address
Agios Andreas Kiosk Korinthou 334
Agios Andreas Kiosk Korinthou and Smirnis
Agios Andreas Kiosk Trion Navarhon and Maizonos
Agios Andreas Kiosk Vouth Square
Agios Andreas Kiosk Agiou Ioannou Pratsika & Araxou
Ayia Kiosk Agiou Konstantinou 68
Ayia Mini-market Kazantzaki 11
Bozaitika Mini-market Digeni Akrita 34
Bozaitika Bakery-Candy shop Panepistimiou & Nestoros 1
Bozaitika Gift Shop  Highway Patras-Athens 158
Panahaiki Kiosk Ellinos Stratioti & Lefkosias
Panahaiki Kiosk Notara 2
Agios Vasileios Mini-market A. Papandreou 120
Agios Vasileios Mini-market Agiou Vasileiou 14
Rio Mini-market Megalou Alexandrou 1
Rio Kiosk near  the Town Hall
Rio Kiosk near the Hospital
Antheias Kiosk Antheias & Efdimou
Ities Kiosk Akti Dimeon 126
Ities Mini-market Lefkas 10
Patra beach Mini-market Martiou 25th
Mindilogli Restaurant Le Coq Patras-Pyrgos Hihgway 3
Vrachneika busybee-SNACK BAR Patras-Pyrgos Hihgway  177
Tsoukaleika Cafeteria Tsoukaleika
Tsoukaleika Mini-market-Cafeteria Patras-Pyrgos Hihgway  588
Kaminia Mini-market-Restaurant Kaminia
Alyssos Restaurant 19 km Patras-Pyrgos Hihgway
Kato Achaia Kiosk Papagiannopoulou sqr
Kato Achaia Mini-market Patras-Pyrgos Hihgway  29

Due to the infrastructure projects, rail transport on the line ” Ag. Vasileios – Rio”  has been replaced by a bus from 26.03.2019 as follows:

  • Ag. Vasileios-Kastelokampos: The bus departs every hour at xx:45, first bus 06:45-last bus 22:45
  • Kastelokampos-Ag. Vasileios: The bus departs every hour at xx:05, first bus 07:00-last bus 23:00

A presentation of either a valid ticket or a monthly multiple journey card (both valid for travelling by Patras’ Suburban Railway), is necessary for boarding the bus.



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