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Restaurant  Services

We would like to inform our passengers that the personnel,  applies all the necessary hygiene measures for prevention of COVID-19 transmission.

  • Passenger service in train’s restaurant  is provided by take-away service.
  • The menu is modified.

The dining car services on TRAINOSE’s trains have undergone a major facelift. Improved restaurant services are provided to the passengers that can fully satisfy the most demanding customers.

A variety of fresh sandwiches, toasts and croissants, branded sweets and salty snacks, quality coffee, soft drinks and other beverages, are offered, at highly competitive prices.

Moreover, a variety of tasty Greek menus that change daily are served, accompanied by warm bread, season salad and tasty pastries.

All available products are Greek!

Passengers may be served in the train’s dining car at all times, while at regular intervals qualified  staff may also serve them at their seats.

Canteen  services are provided on the following TRAINOSE routes:

IC50 / IC51 Athens – Thessaloniki – Athens
IC52 / IC53 Athens – Thessaloniki – Athens
IC54 / IC55 Athens – Thessaloniki – Athens
IC56 / IC57 Athens – Thessaloniki – Athens
IC58 / IC59 Athens – Thessaloniki – Athens
 600 / 601  Athens – Thessaloniki – Athens
884 / 885    Athens – Kalambaka- Athens
600Α / 601Α Thessaloniki – Alexandroupoli – Thessaloniki
IC90 / IC91 Thessaloniki – Alexandroupoli – Thessaloniki

Coffee (french) and croissant at € 2.00 *

 This offer is valid throughout the year for all passengers.



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