Services provided at the station

TRAINOSE offers its passengers and visitors of the railway stations a number of services, making the waiting time more comfortable and pleasant.

Passenger Information Services- PIS

TRAINOSE provides passengers and visitors with real- time information on the trains’ arrival and departure, through the Passenger Information Services system/ PIS, installed in the entrances and the platforms of the main stations of Athens Suburban Railway  and  of Thessaloniki Suburban Railway as well.

At the same time, passengers and visitors can be informed on the latest company news, services & offers,  on current weather conditions and important events around the city, rallies, strikes etc.

Lockers (hand baggage)

Baggage lockers are now available by TRAINOSE, in designated areas and in selected stations, on time charge, for passengers and visitors of the following stations:

  • Athens (opening hours: 05:00-00:00)
  • Thessaloniki (opening hours: 05:00-00:00)
  • Larissa (24 hours)
  • Patras (opening hours: 05:45-22:30)

For more information, please contact the ticket office at these stations.



Customer Service Centre (every day 08:00 - 20:00)

213 012 1010

ETR Train Contact Line daily 08:00 - 20:00

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