Accompanied Cars

Update 17.03.2020: Due to special conditions TRAINOSE service of accompanied car  is suspended until further notice.

TRAINOSE offers passengers traveling on the Athens- Thessaloniki- Athens service and specifically on the night trains 600 (Athens- Thessaloniki) /601 (Thessaloniki- Athens) the possibility of transporting their vehicle in a special vehicle transportation wagon. This way, passengers can take advantage of the exceptionally low fares, carry their vehicle and continue their road trip to their final destination.

Transportation of an accompanied car costs 47 Euros each way. This price is added to the passenger’s ticket (First class or Economy class fare, one way or return ticket).

The customer may reserve a place at TRAINOSE’s ticket counters in Athens and Thessaloniki, either at the stations or at the city offices, by presenting the vehicle registration, at least one day prior to travelling. Arrangements for car transportation on the day of travel may only be made based on availability.

The vehicle’s dimensions (height, width, length) counting any additional accessories are considered in order to determine the exact loading place on the transportation wagon.

After completing the assessment sheet of the condition of the car, the passenger loads and unloads the vehicle in Athens at the Athens Railway Station and in Thessaloniki at the Railway Station.

Vehicle Loading

The loading of the vehicle takes place at least 2 hours prior to the train’s departure.  The passenger shall have the vehicle’s registration with him/her at the time of the vehicle’s loading.

The staff secures vehicles in the wagon. During the trip, no passengers or animals are allowed to stay in the vehicles.



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