Bicycle transportation

The bicycle transportation service is in accordance with Regulation 1371/2007 of the European Union according to  which railway companies shall enable the bicycle transportation, provided that bicycles are easy to handle, the transport complies with the requirements of the specific service and the bicycles are transported in trains which have the space to transport them.

The bicycle transportation in the trains of TRAINOSE is as follows:

Α. In the long distance trains of TRAINOSE, bicycles are transported as registered luggage, in the luggage van, provided that there is enough capacity, in accordance with the existing Regulation of TRAINOSE, applicable to registered luggage:

  • Athens-Thessaloniki route (trains IC50, IC52, IC54, IC56, IC58, IC51, IC53, IC55, IC57, IC59)
  • Athens -Kalambaka – Athens route (trains 884-885)

A fare  of 5€ per bicycle is charged. Up to 5 bicycles are accepted as registered luggage on each train.

Β. Up to 3 bicycles are accepted as hand luggage, on the trains of  the following  routes, without any charge, provided that there is enough capacity inside the coaches and the bicycles can be transported without annoying the others passengers:

  • Athens – Chalkida
  • Piraeus – International Airport «Elefterios Venizelos» – Kiato – Aigio
  • Lianokladi – Stylida (circulation from 24.07.2021)
  • Larissa – Volos
  • Palaeofarsalos – Kalambaka
  • From 23.06.2021: Larissa-Thessaloniki-Larissa on trains 1590, 2592, *2596, 2591, 2599, *590, *591 (from May to September the bicycle transportation is not possible on trains 2592, 590 and 591 due to increased number of passengers).

*Trains 2596, 590 and 591 operate  on the route Palaeofarsalos-Larissa-Thessaloniki

  • Thessaloniki-Platy-Florina, up to 2 bicycles due to increased number of passengers
  • Thessaloniki-Serres, itineraries 3631-except Sunday and 3632-except Saturday
  • Alexandroupoli – Ormenio (only on certain trains)
  • Katakolo-Pyrgos-Olympia
  • Suburban route of the city of Patras

The passenger-owner of the bicycle is solely responsible for the bicycle’s transportation and its placement in the coach as well as the security of the bicycle during the journey, in order also to avoid any damage to the rolling stock.

The placement of bicycles between the seats is not allowed.

C. Buses of Trainose

The transportation of one (1) foldable bicycle is possible in each route, without any charge. The passenger-owner of the bicycle is responsible for the whole procedure of the bicycle transportation.

The bicycle  should be placed in a suitable storage case and the bicycle dimensions should be up to 100 x 60 x 25 cm.

During the journey the bicycle is placed in the luggage space of the bus.

On the following touristic trains bicycles are  not accepted:

Ano Lekhonia-Milee route (train of Pelion)

Diakofto- Kalavryta route (Rack railway)



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