TRAINOSE secures the transportation of any kind of freight that can be carried either on one or more wagons or, even, on entire trains, aiming at freight transportation with block trains as well as regular time-tabled services.

The upgrading of the existing and the construction of new infrastructure as along with the improvements in  rolling stock have contributed significantly to the development of freight transport and the increase in rail traffic in this market activity. The service TRAINOSE offers to its customers is not limited to freight transportation within Greece. In cooperation with other European rail companies, TRAINOSE serves any need for rail freight transportation to and from European and Asian countries, as well as transit transportation through Greece.

Thanks to strategic decisions, targeted actions and major international collaborations, TRAINOSE enhances its position within the freight transportation market, while it is also active in the highly demanding logistics sector, thus contributing to rendering Greece into a dynamic and modern hub in Southeast Europe. TRAINOSE, having as its priority the smooth cooperation with its customers –physical persons, companies and organizations- moves forward and further develops, to provide innovative, better and broader services.

The emphasis on multimodal transportation (road or maritime combined with rail transportation), the optimisation of rolling stock management and the efficient allocation of the available human resources render the company’s transportation capability more flexible.

TRAINOSE offers reliable and safe door-to-door freight transportation services. In addition to saving money, TRAINOSE’s customers take advantage of the comparative advantage transportation by rail offers: the ability to carry large freight volumes for long distances.

The existing rail connection with the Port of Thessaloniki enables the freight transportation to and from the hinterland, as well as the transit transportation through Greece. Moreover, following the completion of the connection between the Port of New Ikonio and the basic axis of the railway network, TRAINOSE secures multimodal transportation from the Port of New Ikonio to Central Europe (Hungary, Slovakia and Czech Republic) and is actively pursuing new freight customers through that gate.

The company’s next target is to provide regular transportation of containers to and from Thessaloniki, Skopje, Belgrade, Sofia and Istanbul, aiming at the creation of a multimodal transportation hub in Thessaloniki for the Balkan Region.


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