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Your next campaign will address 1.500.000 passengers per month and countless drivers and pedestrians, when your advertisement appears on our trains.

Due to its upgraded serviced, improved profile and frequent services, TRAINOSE is being chosen by big companies, recognizing that the train offers unique advantages in the outdoor advertisement sector:

  • Increased visibility due to surface travel
  • Large external surfaces for the placement of the advertisement
  • Numerous internal surfaces for the placement of the advertisement
  • Many stations
  • Frequent services
  • Large audience of wide and varied socio- economic background
  • Increasing ridership  thanks to economic fares and safety of train travel  in comparison to private vehicle transportation

You may enhance and specialise your message with a targeted campaign on one of TRAINOSE’s widely distributed information publications, such as the company’s detailed timetable brochure, the local services brochures, targeting a regional audience and the tourist services brochures.

You may also use TRAINOSE’s website for your advertisement.

Peruse the electronic guides provided, or contact us at +30 213 0121627 (TRAINOSE’s Strategic Planning Directorate) for more information and advertisement opportunities.



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