Travelling through culture

At Kalavryta and the greater area, culture is closely associated with modern Greek history. Connected with important events that left their mark on history, the area honors and showcases its heritage through important monuments and sites.

At a small distance from Kalavryta, the historic Aghia Lavra Monastery, one of the earliest in Greece, is the places where the Greek revolution broke out. Many historical events left their indelible marks on the building, which served as a gathering spot for key figures of the revolution. There, in March 1921, Bishop Germanos of Patras raised the flag of the revolution and declared the beginning of the resistance against the Ottoman conquerors. Besides its great symbolism for the Greeks, the Monastery houses important treasures. Among them, one notes the flag to which the oath of the Peloponnesian fighters was given (namely the earliest Greek flag); an epitaph of 1754 embroidered in Smyrna; the icon of St. George that was embroidered in Istanbul by the famous “Kokonatou Rologa”; precious Gospel books; the gold-embroidered vestments belonging to Bishop Germanos of Patras; wood-carved crosses and other religious relics.

The Museum of the Holocaust of Kalavryta commemorates the tragic events of World War II. On December 13, 1943, the German conquerors gathered the city’s inhabitants in the building’s yard. Men and teenagers older than 13 years of age were executed, whereas women and children were kept inside the building in order for the Germans to complete their catastrophic mission. The building, an elementary school at the time, was turned into a museum in 2005. Its collection includes exhibits associated with the Holocaust, such as maps, photographs, personal belongings of the citizens that were executed etc.

If you love history and culture, Kalavryta is an ideal destination. You may combine your visit to the Aghia Lavra Monastery and the Museum of the Holocaust with an unforgettable trip on the Rack railway, travelling through the superb beauty of this area.



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