September 2015: Thessaloniki International Fair 2015

Following a long tradition, the Thessaloniki International Fair prepares to open its gates to the public, marking the beginning of autumn.  Between September 5th and 13th, the fair will once again turn Thessaloniki into an international focal point for politics and business. This year, the fair celebrates its 80th anniversary and features thematic sections that meet contemporary standards and encompass distinct facets of entrepreneurship, such as:

  • «Entrepreneurship and Innovation»
  • «Technology, Hi- Tech, i-Gaming»
  • «Employment structures – Education – Work»
  • «Book Festival»
  • «Entrepreneurship in Greece»
  • «Energy and Construction»
  • «Motorcar»
  • «Farming- Agriculture»
  • «Athletics»
  • «Furniture – Decoration»

The institution’s remarkable strength over time demonstrates the organizers’ ability to promptly perceive domestic and international changes and aptly incorporate them in the fair. At the same time, it manifests the special place that the institution has acquired over time in politics, business as well as in the heart of laymen. Last year’s event attracted over 255,000 visitors, while this year’s forecast points to an impressive increase.

Focused on supporting all important cultural and business events, TRAINOSE offers passengers the opportunity to travel comfortably and economically to the city of Thessaloniki in order to visit the fair. Moreover, TRAIN-TAXI, a popular service offered in Thessaloniki and other major Greek cities, allows them to combine railway travel with easy transport from their door to the railway station, saving time and money. Make your reservation now and go on board. Thessaloniki is waiting for you!



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