Customs of the greek Easter

Easter is celebrated variously in every part of Greece. Insomeareas, one still witnesses customs associated with folk tradition or, even, Greek antiquity, which add a unique flair to the celebration.

InSerres, in the neighborhood of Agios Ioannis Theologos, the custom of “Adoneia” is celebrated every Good Friday. During the procession of the bier of Christ, women place outside their home satable bearing incense and an icon of Christ on the Cross. A small plate with grains next to the malludes to an ancient custom in honor of Adonis, which symbolizes youth that elapses fast and, oftentimes, unjustly.

In Kerkini, in the village of Kastanousa, one can still witness the traditional “avgomachies” (egg-fights), a custom that has its origins in Pontos. It symbolizes the Resurrection of Christ and the fight between good and evil. Eggfightsaremet again in Krenides, in Kavala, on the day after Easter. This is a true egg cracking battle, where the player left with the fewer broken eggs is declared the winner.

In West Macedonia, on the night of Holy Thursday, duringthereading of the Twelve Gospels, women bring along cookies for the living and share them with the crowd after the end of mass.

Special festivities also await visitors in the area of Kalambaka. BesidestheMeteora monasteries that emphasize the religious message of resurrection, many local traditions make Easter truly unique.

Deeplyreligious, purifying ormeant to ward off evil that threatens the crops, the customs of Easter give a special flair and meaning to this great holiday. Take advantage of TRAINOSE’s unique offers, get on board and enjoy an unforgettable Easter.



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