October 2015: Larissa International Street Theater Festival

A few years ago, a new artistic event was added to Larissa’s rich cultural life. The International Street Theater Festival takes place every autumn in the center of the city and its outdoor theatrical performances give residents and visitors an excellent reason to overflow the streets. There, they have the opportunity to attend various performances, be part of a colorful crowd and enjoy an array of happenings.

The festival’s organizers aim to enhance dialogue and spur the exchange of ideas among participants. Moreover, they wish to turn the festival into a strong international institution, affiliated with other European Street Theater Festivals. This year’s event will be held from October 2nd to 4th in five outdoor theatrical scenes that will be set up at central locations. Performances shall include street theater, circus, opera, musical theater, shadow theater, dance and music. Performers from other Greek cities will also participate in the festival, while organizers have invited volunteers to support the performing teams in the events that are to take place on the pedestrian streets of Larissa.

Joy and laughter, intense thinking and reflection set up a framework that makes the Street Theater Festival a unique experience. Get onboard and be part of this colorful artistic event in Larissa, a city that supports culture.



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