Wine-Tasting in Katakolon

The Katakolon train, familiar to the international visitors that arrive in the area by cruise boats, offers a unique way to visit ancient Olympia. Thanks to the scenic and serene landscape, this 45-minute ride leading to a renowned historic destination becomes a lovely excursion in itself.

In October, a unique local wine-tasting festival was organized aboard, catered to passengers travelling to the cradle of the Olympic Games. Carefully planned out by the Stavropoulos Estate and the Merkouris Estate, two of the best-known wine producers in the Peloponnese, the event pleasantly surprised train passengers. In the course of the journey, travelers had the opportunity to learn about local wine varieties, get to know about new and old harvests, taste fine wines and clink their wine glasses, according to the Greek custom, turning a pleasant sight-seeing journey into a euphoric wine tasting experience. Thanks to the collaboration of TRAINOSE with the local producers, the train ride to Olympia became a pleasant exploration of the Greek wine map.



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