Take a book onboard

Travelling by train is by nature a comfortable, safe and economic way to travel. If you add to that your favorite book, you grant yourself a mental journey along with the actual one on the rails.

There is a great variety of interesting books concerning trains that may accompany you on your trip. Famous crime novels that take place on trains, such as the breath-taking “Murder on the Orient Express” by Agatha Christie or the recent atmospheric “Night Train to Lisbon” by Pascal Mercier; Charles Dickens’ classic “Magby junction” or the Greek “Cloud train” by Eugenia Fakinou are all excellent choices that may extend the pleasure of your trip.

The same is true for young readers. Depending on their age and reading ability, they may choose the beautifully illustrated “When the train is leaving” by Eugene Trivizas, or Edith Nesbit’s classic “The children who watched the trains pass by”, or the recent “I will save you in any case” by Alex Mitsialis, offering an optimistic glimpse to contemporary problems.

Board the train with a good book in hand and enjoy! Your trip will be a lot more interesting if you let your eyes travel from the book’s pages to the landscape, if you let your mind switch between the book’s hero and the sweet anticipation of arrival.



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