March 2014 – The largest train-bicycle tour in Greece with the participation of 200 cyclists

A whole train, comprising of passenger and luggage wagons was put together by TRAINOSE to facilitate the largest train-bicycle event ever, in Greece. Twohundredcyclists, andtheirequipment, boarderthetraininThessalonikiandtravelledtothepicturesquestationofVyronia, andlakeKerkini.

The purpose of the trip, aside from the obvious excursion, was the promotion of ecological travel, with the combination of train – bicycle.

The trip started in Thessaloniki on Sunday, the 30th of March, 2014, and more cyclists boarded this train in Serres and Kilkis and disembarked in Vyronia. From there, they started their cycling adventure towards the picturesque village, Lithotopos in the cove of Kerkini. Along the way, they took in the unique scenery, engaged in bird watching and stopped along the small villages showcasing the buffalo farms.

At noon, the cyclists made their way back to Vyronia, and the border station of the village, which was turned into a traditional eatery, with the station staff preparing a host of delicacies for the guests to lunch.

The cyclists also enjoyed archery, they were given a tour of the local Aquarium, home to the Kerkini- Strymona ecosystem inhabitants, and they attended a photo exhibition and enjoyed a music event.

The cyclists were accompanied by a Team of Special Missions of the municipality of Sintiki and local police in case of emergency.

In the afternoon the group returned to Thessaloniki, by train.

The tour was organized by “Methoriakos Stathmos: with the sypport of: the cyclists union of Macedonia-Thrace, the EUOVELO network, the Thessaloniki colourful Cyclists, Cyclists Friends of Kilkis, Bike Riders Serres Team, GREEN ROUTES, Sintiki Team of Special Missions, Lake Kerkini management group, Aquarium of the Municipality of Vyronia, Limnaio Hostel (Chrisohorafa, Kerkini).

Check out moments of theis trip on our youtube channel.



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