The historic Railway Station of Volos

Every year, thousands of visitors admire the historic Railway Station of Volos. Designed by Italian engineer Evaristo De Chirico, the building was completed in 1884, as part of the construction project of Thessalian Railway which aimed to link the port of Volos to the Thessalian plain and the city of Larissa. The existence of this railway network was one of the main reasons for the city’s fast growth.

The picturesque railway station remains unaltered since 1884 and is one of the few buildings that stayed untouched after the forceful earthquakes that struck the city of Volos in the ‘50s. Elegance, neoclassical architecture and the characteristic two-pitch roof with wooden decoration at its border make the building a real piece of jewelry for the city. A large monumental statue of Athena, the work of famous Italian sculptor I. Previsan, decorates the exterior space and blends harmoniously with the elegant and prestigious building, marking the establishment of the train station and the first railway service.

Nowadays, the building features on its first floor the Railway Museum of Thessaly. Old photographs, telegraphs, station clocks, old uniforms, ticket machines, engine parts, records, books on railway architecture and designs of Evaristo De Chirico are only some of the numerous exhibits that document and showcase the history of the railroad. The museum, which is still in its early steps, is constantly enriched with new material and aims to become an international destination for railway friends.



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