8 – 9/10/2013 GIFT 3rd Management Group and 4th Steering Committee Meeting

GIFT partners met in Ljubljana on 8-9 of October 2013 for the 3rd Management Group Meeting and the 4th Steering Committee Meeting, hosted by the Institute of Traffic and Transport of Ljubljana.

On behalf of the director of Prometni institut of Ljubljana, the project coordinator of PP6 and moderator of the event greeted all participants and gave a short overview of the meeting agenda casting focus to the WP5, in particular desktop and ground testing that needs to be finished by the end of January 2013.

The next steps concerning the desktop and ground testing for each corridor are:

Corridor IV:

  • Bulgarian and Romanian partners provide desktop test results
  • confirmation of “Sofia-Arad” leg of the “Piraeus-Thessaloniki-Sofia (Yana Terminal) – Arad” ground testing route by the Bulgarian partners
  • final technical meeting by all corridor partners

Corridor V: settle financial issues for ground testing

Corridor VII:

  • define and implement all desktop testing scenarios
  • all corridor partners need to define at least 2 options for ground testing
  • research of financial issues for ground testing – before ground test scenario adoption

All corridors: implementation of ground testing


Concerning the dissemination activities:

  • the translation of the leaflet is in progress
  • the 2nd Newsletter in on the way
  • publications and press releases should be promoted by each partner

For more information, please visit the project’s official web site at: www.gift-project.eu



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