4 – 5/6/2014 ACROSSEE 3rd Project & Steering Committee Meeting in Igoumenitsa, Greece

The 3rd Project & Steering Committee Meeting was held in Igoumenitsa, Greece hosted by the Region of Epirus/ Regional Unit of Thesprotia. The LP opened the meeting, thanking all the partners, especially the latter.

All the Work Packages were discussed, during the two days meeting, but the committee focused to the following topics:

a) Concerning future project events, there are two important ACROSSEE events in thepipeline:

1. 2nd ACROSSEE Workshop at the European Parliament: to be held in Autumn(October/November), depending on the dates of plenary sessions at the EPand the composition of the new Parliament (especially new TransportCommittee);

2. ACROSSEE Final event: to be hosted by the Federal Ministry of Transport ofAustria in Vienna: to be held late November/early December, compatibly withPP5’s commitments.

b) The final publication has to be ready by the final meeting held on December in Vienna.

c) “Move On Green” project was presented to the participants as a possible project synergy


d) The transport model for the current situation is almost ready, along with the future scenarios.

e) The discussions about the Data Management Centre that is going to be created have started and several questions that need imminent answers have risen. The basic ones being what kind of data are going to be hosted, who and how is going to have access to it.


The meeting concluded with a press conference that was given to the local media, the Port Authority and other local representatives.

For more information, please visit the project’s official web site at: www.acrossee.net.



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