3/2/2014 NEAR2 3rd Steering Committee Meeting & Final Working Group Meeting in Vilnius

The 3rd Steering committee meeting, as well as, the Final working group meeting was held in Vilnius, Lithuania on the 03/02/2014, in the Amberton Hotel.

The basic discussions held at the meeting were around the next issues:

  • potential new members of EURNEX and of the NEAR2 Network were given time to present their institutions. The three institutions presented were:

o   Dnepopetrowsk Institute for Railway Engineers

o   State Scientific Research Center of Ukrainian Railways Transport

o   Brno University of Technology

  • the formalization of the membership procedures
  • the status of the 10 Concept Documents to be produced by the consortium
  • the next project events.

For further information, please visit the project’s official web site at: https://www.near2-project.eu/.



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