26/3/2014 2nd FUTUREMED Transnational Stakeholders Platform meeting

The FUTUREMED Transnational Stakeholder platform meeting with the reference framework “Looking for soft measures to improve the accessibility to the Med” took place in Valencia (Spain) on March 26th 2014, as a side event connected to the FUTUREMED Mid Term Conference.

Two major topics were chosen – suggested by the conclusions of previous first meeting held in Civitavecchia (Italy) on May 2013 – for involving the participants stakeholders attending the Valencia meeting, most of them coming from Greece, France, Italy, Slovenia and Spain: “Τhe role of ICT to create useful tools: the choice between voluntary solutions and the mandatory solution” and “Short Sea Shipping services in the MED area: the need of defining key performance indicators for vessels, ports and services”.

The meeting was a highly interactive event where all participants (based on their professional background and experiences) were asked to contribute with their views and ideas in order to set up a round table discussion.

The third and last of the transnational stakeholders meeting will take place jointly with the FUTUREMED final conference in Rome in May 2015. The topics for the meeting discussion will be defined with the contributions and proposals which will be collected on the project website capitalization platform by February 2015.

For more information, please visit the project’s official web site at: www.futuremedproject.eu



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