20/5/2015 FUTUREMED Final Conference “Perspectives and recommendations for the competitivity of the Mediterranean port systems”

The FUTUREMED Final Conference held on 20th of May 2015 in Civitavecchia. Scope of the conference was to highlight the “Perspectives and recommendations for the competitivity of the Mediterranean port systems”.

During the Technical Session of the conference, distinguished speakers were focusing on three strategic sectors of the MED area: freight, passenger and touristic traffic. The following topics were highlighted :

  • Challenges for MED Ports in Future, Aristos Halastis (Greece)
  • Opportunities for Passenger and Cruise Development, Aimilia A. Papachristou (Greece)
  • Opportunities for Efficient Port-Centric Supply chains, Austin Iglesias Villanueva (Spain)
  • Opportunities for Competitiveness Through Stakeholders Cooperation and Governance, Jean-Andre Lassere (France)
  • Futuremed Observations and Recommendations , Andrea Campagna (Italy)

During the Roadshow Session, all the pilot applications developed under the FUTUREMED Project were presented through special videos. One of them was about the pilot application of TRAINOSE –THPA electronic interface platform.

For more information about FUTUREMED Project, please visit the project’s official web site at: www.futuremedproject.eu



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