19/5/2015 FUTUREMED: 3rd FUTUREMED Transnational Stakeholder Platform Meeting

The FUTUREMED Project, a project under the MED Programme, organized the 3rd Transnational Stakeholder Platform Meeting with the topic “Perspectives and recommendations for the competitivity of the Mediterranean port systems”.

The 3rd Transnational Stakeholders’ Platform Meeting was held on May 19th 2015 in Civitavecchia, Rome, with the participation of representatives from the six National Committees of the countries participating in the project (Spain, Italy, France, Slovenia, Cyprus and Greece). From the Greek site, the Meeting was attended by representatives from the Hellenic Port Association (ELIME), Ministry of Economy, Infrastructure, Shipping & Tourism of the Hellenic Republic, and the Shipping Agents Association of Thessaloniki.

The discussions regarded mainly the maritime-railway intermodality and how this could contribute to the development of the Mediterranean ports towards the re-balancing of north-south traffic flows in Europe aiming at fostering the competitiveness of the Mediterranean port systems.

This could be better achieved through tailored cooperation among service providers and services’ integration, utilization of more sustainable transport modes, and dissemination and replications of best practices.

The National Stakeholders Platforms, established under the FUTUREMED project, operate as a series of national mechanisms for the overall guidance of the project activities.

For more information about FUTUREMED Project, please visit the project’s official web site at: www.futuremedproject.eu



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