Books for Christmas

A trip by train undoubtedly offers one of the most fascinating backgrounds for reading. Committed bookworms find the perfect opportunity to immerse in a brand new book or continue a beloved tale on the track. For less seasoned readers, there is hardly a better setting to familiarize themselves with the magic of reading. With a book in hand, a trip takes on a new meaning thanks to quiet, free time and the rare moments of creative solitude.

Book selections for your trip are endless. For the holidays, we propose titles associated with the big holiday, which has been a constant source of inspiration for many Greek and international authors. One of the best known holiday readings, Charles Dickens’ «A Christmas Carol» narrates the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, the notoriously stingy hero who, after meeting the three spirits of Christmas, regains his humanity. Written in 1843, this story remains one of the best known and always επίκαιρες analyses of human nature.

On a different note, Agatha Christie’s «Hercule Poirot’s Christmas» pair the holiday spirit with a top noire story. Intrepid detective Hercule Poirot spends an unusual holiday as he tries to solve the mystery of a dark game ingeniously staged by a multimillionaire.

Coming to Greek literature, Alexandros Papadiamandis, a master of story-telling, could not but be a part of holiday must-reads. Many of his stories are in the spirit of the holidays, but among them one certainly singles out the «Flower of the Shore», a touching tale about love and a promise delivered on Christmas day, which was first published as a holiday contribution on a major Athenian newspaper on December 24, 1906.



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