August 2015: Tales and Legends in Pelion

The Storytelling Festival “Tales and Legends on the Centaur’s back” is one of this summer’s significant cultural events. It  takes place on Mt Pelion, the legendary homeland of the Centaurs. The organizers intend to promote the area’s rare natural beauty along with the local cultural heritage.

The participation of the Pelion train in the events of the Storytelling Festival adds to it an attractive touristic and cultural perspective that promotes the train and the beauty of the area. At the same time, it propounds alternative forms of tourism by establishing the “Day of fairy tales on the train” on 05.08.2015.

TRAINOSE celebrates its participation in the festival with the introduction of a regular morning route on Wednesday August 5, at  a special price, for roundtrip adult tickets and 8,00 € for roundtrip children tickets.

The public will have the opportunity to enjoy old stories, folk tales, legends, epics, biographies and myths of the world, accompanied by music. The narrative on August 5 will take place at the stations of Ano Gatzea and Milee.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to attend workshops on the art of storytelling and summer courses on folktales, enjoy artistic exhibitions and take part in special events during the remaining days of the festival in various parts of Pelion.

The festival is promoted by the NGOT as well as by Greek media nationwide.

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy a trip to the scenic Pelion, along with a trip to the world of fairy tales! TRAINOSE will lead you to the gate of a fascinating world.



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