August 2014 Support the 4th annual Pelion Narration Festival “Tales and Myths, astride the Centaur with special discounted prices for the Little Train of Pelion

For the second consecutive year The Pelion Narration Festival, an eight day event, was hosted in Pelion, from the 3rd to the 19th of August, in Ag. Georgios (Nilia), AnoGatzeaandAgiaTriada. The organizers of this Festival are the Cutlural Group of Ag. Georgios (Nilia), “the Centaur” and the ‘Pelion Oros” group, included the Little Train of Pelion in the Festival segment “Tales on the train”, and passengers were travelled between Ano Lekhonia & Milee, a modern trip, reminiscent of the old days of glory for the little train of Pelion.



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