A festive carnival

The carnival is here and many Greek cities get ready to celebrate! They put on their best and let music, dance, festivities, special customs and carnival parades to turn them into source of joy for their inhabitants.

Xanthi’s unique carnival has been celebrated yearly since 1966. The city is flooded by visitors from nearby areas and the Balkans. Liveliness, music and events in the open air set the tone. Happy members of carnival parades, impressive carnival floats, streamers and confetti make up a festive setting. Traditional dishes and local wine accompany the big celebration. At the same time, a series of events associated with the theater, painting exhibitions, book presentations and film screenings give locals the opportunity to also enjoy art. The highlight of the celebration is the Great Carnival Parade, accompanied by impressive fireworks, which concludes with the ritual burning of the effigy of “Tzaros”.

In Florina, the carnival takes on a different, local flair. “Tsiknopempti”, literally “Thursday of the Smoke of Grilled Meat”, is a special day for the village of Xino Nero. Besides the traditional grilling, the day also marks the beginning of carnival festivities in the area. The celebration starts with a ball masque and traditional music and continues on the last carnival weekend with the impressive parade of the dressed up youths of the area and the carnival floats that usually mock contemporary news. Plenty of wine and music everywhere seduce locals and visitors. The latter may also take the opportunity to explore and enjoy the beauty of the area.

This year, make the most of the Απόκριες! Pick your destination and set out for a relaxed, fast and economic trip.



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