Excursions by train

In 2012 TRAINOSE S.A., aiming at developing railway tourism in Greece, has successfully established special excursion trains, with historical and naturalist interest.

The TRAINOSE excursions are addressed to associations, organizations, groups, as well as individual visitors.

For more information and custom requests, you may contact the Directorate for Passenger Transportation Services at +30 213 0121407 /409 (fax. +30 213 0121996).

Also, you can find more information about each tourist rail way route in the corresponding sections of the TRAINOSE’s site, as  described  below.

Tourist Trains

  • The little train of Pelion

Showcasing the historical little Train of Pelion  is particularly important, since it offers a magical route in the verdant mountain of the Centaurs.

The scheduled services of the little Train of Pelion operates all weekends of the year, in August daily  as well on selected dates, published in detail in Trainose site (see: The Pelion Train, a mythical route).

For passengers in groups special discounts are being given from Monday to Friday. During the rest of the year it is possible to rent the entire train for a group excursion at a special price.

For more information and  reservations:

Ticket Office of TRAINOSE  in the Railway Station of Volos.

Opening hours  6:00 – 22:00, Monday-Sunday

tel. +30 24210-39723,  e-mail: grafeio.volou@trainose.gr)

  • The Rack Railway, Diakopto-Kalavryta

The Rack Railway, connecting Diakopto to Kalavryta, passes through the Vouraikos gorge, offering a unique experience to the passengers. It runs daily, all year round and special prices apply for groups using the train Monday- Friday. It is also possible to rent the entire train for a group excursion at a special price.

For more information on the Rack Railway and reservations:

  • TRAINOSE Travel and Tourism Office – Athens

Tel. +30 210 3621039, Fax. +30 210 3628983, operating 08:00-15:00 (Monday through Friday), email: sina@trainose.gr

  • Diakopto Railway Station

Tel. +30 26910 43206, Fax. +30 26910 43258, e-mail: st.diakopto@trainose.gr

  • Kalavryta Railway Station

Tel. +30 26920 23050, Fax. +30 26920 22022, e-mail: st.kalavrita@trainose.gr

  • The train route Katakolo-Olympia

From 16.03.2020 and until further notice the itineraries of the train Katakolo – Olympia are suspended.

The journey from Katakolo to Olympia lasts for approximately 45 minutes and the round trip ticket price is only 10€. It’s a beautiful and extremely popular route, both amongst the international visitors from cruise ships and Greek travelers that prefer the train for their transports.

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