Tickets and Offers

The TRAINOSE pricing policy offers incentives for early bookings, on line purchasing, return tickets, as well as, special discounts to various passenger categories. Thus, we offer:

  • 20% discount on return tickets, rewarding our frequent travelers.
  • 15% discount on tickets bought at least 48 hours prior to departure date, rewarding the passengers that plan their trips ahead.
  • 10% discount for on line purchasing.
  • Discounts on a following trip, in cases of delays in our departure or arrival times, ensuring quality services to our passengers. *
  • Big discounts reaching 50% on multiple trips cards, family cards, cards for the elderly and also international offers, rewarding our loyal friends.
  • Special discount offers with very low fares for a limited number of seats  in the InterCity trains between Athens and Thessaloniki, exclusively for members of the TRAINOSERewards club
  • Discounts for organized groups  of pupils, students, associations, etc



* Reimbursement in case of delays may only be claimed for the following services:

-Athens – Thessaloniki – Athens: IC trains numbered from 50 to 61, 600 and 601
-Athens – Kalambaka – Athens: trains 884 and 885
-Alexandroupoli – Thessaloniki – Alexandroupoli: IC trains 90 and 91

No reimbursement may be claimed for delays to 12 € discounted tickets for European Youth Card holders.



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