Implementing the company’s strategy of continuous expansion of services, TRAINOSE offers its regular passengers the new TrainoseRewards web service, aimed for individuals who purchase their tickets online, through

Acquisition of Points

Passengers who register as members of the TrainoseRewards club acquire points with every online ticket purchase as follows:

  1. 1€ = 1 point for every purchase of a 2nd class ticket without a special offer
  2. 1€ = 1,5 point for every purchase of a 1st class ticket without a special offer

A bonus of one hundred points is earned upon registration and the first online purchase.

Customers must log in the TrainoseRewards system in order to acquire points.


TrainoseRewards members:

  • Are entitled to a return of 2.5% on the total of their points, in the form of a discount towards a future purchase. That is, for every 100 points 2,5 Euros are refunded as a discount voucher encashable on a future purchase.


  • The encashment of points, just as their acquisition, is exclusively done via the ticketing system on TRAINOSE’s website, only for members logged in the TrainoseRewards system
  • Points may be encashed after at least one purchase has been made
  • The encashment of points is always done by converting points to vouchers in order to buy services
  • The voucher issued through the point conversion may be used only by this user (account – registration). It is not transferrable to other accounts
  • Points earned may be added and converted into one voucher. Remaining points may not be retained for future use.
  • The conversion may be done:
  1. Anytime the user wishes, by logging on and converting the points into a voucher
  2. During the ticket purchase, as members may use a just acquired voucher while in the payment process.


  • The acquisition of points is made possible only when the members have logged in on the TrainoseRewards system
  • The acquired points are valid for twelve months. If not used until that time, they shall be automatically deleted
  • The encashment of points stands for their conversion into a voucher. The voucher is valid for six months from issue date. In the case that a member converts his points at the end of the twelve-month period, the voucher issued is valid for another six months
  • Every new member that is registered in the TrainoseRewards system receives an e-mail with confirmation and instructions. If the registration is not confirmed within an hour, the member’s account is deleted and the user receives an informative e-mail
  • Non-active members will receive an e-mail with instructions for activating their account. If they do not activate it within a month, their account shall automatically be deleted
  • Every member must indicate whether he/she is an individual or a company, otherwise they will not be able to convert their points. This should be indicated upon login in the TrainoseRewards system.

Members that fulfill the above prerequisites may proceed immediately to point conversion.

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