Transportation of accompanied animals

Constantly expanding and improving the services provided to the public, TRAINOSE provides useful information regarding the transportation of accompanying animals –company or guide dogs. Pets –dogs, cats, birds, etc., besides reptiles- may be transported on TRAINOSE trains and buses under the following conditions:



  • The transport of animals should not be opposed to the current general Legislative Framework
  • Animals should have electronic marking and be accompanied by their owner
  • Animals should have an updated health booklet (see attached file)
  • Transported dogs that are not placed in a carrier, independently of their size, should be on a leash and muzzled. Guide dogs that assist blinds are transported without a muzzle.
  • Small-size accompanied animals, up to 10 kg, may be transported in a safe carrier of maximum dimensions:

50 x 40 x 70cm. for TRAINOSE trains

50 x 40 x 35cm. for TRAINOSE buses

  • Transport of company animals and guide dogs on TRAINOSE trains or buses is not under the judgment or consent of either the company’s personnel or of the passengers. Specific official regulations are followed and special seats are designated for animal transportation on trains and buses. (see attached file).
  • Access of transported animals is not allowed to train canteens. Only guide dogs are allowed in the train canteen area.
  • The safekeeping of the transported animals is the responsibility of the passengers who accompany them. TRAINOSE has no liability for loss or whatever problem may be caused to transported animals, unless they were harmed because of company’s fault. Also, the owner is liable for any damage that may be caused by the transported animals to TRAINOSE materials or to third parties (Article 924 of Civil Code).




The trains, vehicles and seats designated for the transportation of accompanied animals company/guide dogs are:

a. Suburban railway Piraeus-Chalkida-Piraeus:

On specific railway services according to attached file.

b. Suburban railway Airport-Kiato:

Transportation of animals is allowed to all railway services on Airport-Doukissis Plakedias service and vice versa. Similarly, accompanied animals can be transported on specific suburban railway services of the Kiato-Patra route and the buses being used to part of the route.  (in that case, animals are transported to the whole route Airport-Kiato and vice versa and to the connecting route Ano Liosia-Athina and vice versa).

c. Suburban railway of Patra:

On specific railway services according to attached file.

d. Suburban railway Larissa-Thessaloniki:

On specific railway services according to attached file.

e. Local trains Palaiofarsalos-Kalabaka, Larissa-Volos, Thessaloniki-Florina and Alexandroupoli-Dikaia:

At the last vehicle/carriage of the specific train. If the connection with the local train is missed, passengers with accompany animals may continue their trip with the next train, if that is possible.

Specifically, in Inter City trains Thessaloniki-Florina, transportation of animals is allowed to the last vehicle/carriage.

f. Reservation of seats is required on long distance trains to the totality of the Network:

On specific railway services according to attached file.



On TRAINOSE buses, for reasons of better service towards passengers, ONLY the transportation of small size animals is allowed (always in carriers measuring 50 x 40 x 35cm)

Transportation of pets by TRAINOSE buses or by contractors’ buses which transport railway passengers due to company’s order is limited to:

  • Two daily services from Kiato to Patra (at 8.30 am and 16.30 pm services from Kiato and at 8.30 am and 16.30 pm services from Patra) and
  • Two services from Larissa to Volos (at 11.20am service from Volos and 12.30pm service from Larissa)

Animals transported on TRAINOSE buses (into the carrier as mentioned above) are obligatory placed in the passenger compartment and always in the last five rows of seats offered. The maximum number of transported animals is two per bus on the above mentioned bus lines.

Transportation of animals, especially guide dogs, is not in any way under the discretion of the driver or the consent of other passengers. Animals should not be placed in the luggage compartment of the bus.



Under the current legislation, further distinction of transported animals is as follows:

a. Small accompanied dogs (up to 10kg) or other small pets are transported:

  • In all TRAINOSE trains (except suburban services, as mentioned below) if they are in a carrier of 50 x 40 x 35cm and placed either on the knees of their escort or in the hand luggage area, provided that other passengers agree.

If not, the train supervisor ensures the transportation of the pet and its escort, either in the designated seats –provided they exist- or in the luggage compartment with the escort’s consent.

  • At specific seats and train vehicles designated by TRAINOSE –in a carrier measuring 50 x 40 x 70cm or without a carrier or any other suitable packing but necessarily on a leash and muzzled, according to the attached file.
  • In TRAINOSE buses only if they are in a carrier or any other suitable packing measuring 50 x 40 x 35cm, on specific seats and railway services designated by TRAINOSE, according to the attached file.

b. Large dogs

Large accompanied dogs are transported on specific seats and train vehicles designated by TRAINOSE:

  • In a carrier or other suitable and safe packing of the maximum dimensions mentioned above
  • Without a carrier, but necessarily on a leash and muzzled
  • In a separate, specially rented compartment, if the dog owner wishes so.

c. Guide dogs

The reception and transportation of large size guide dogs is allowed within compartments, on specific seats and train vehicles thus designated by TRAINOSE, under the following terms:

  • Guide dogs may be transported without a muzzle, on a leash, seated near or next to their escorts, on the trains’ floor and/or TRAINOSE buses
  • Guide dogs should not be placed in a carrier or other packing
  • It is possible to transport a guide dog and a blind individual using designated seats for disabled persons, if they are available on the train



a. For the transportation of small pets, under the above-mentioned terms, no fare is charged and no transport document is issued, unless a seat is required for the pet in a carrier. In this case, a fare is charged equal to the 50% of the full price of a 2nd class ticket and railway service for an adult passenger and a transport document is issued.

b. For the transportation of large dogs (over 10kg) a fare is charged equal to 50% of the full price of a 2nd class ticket and railway service for an adult passenger and a transport document is issued.

c. In order to rent the entire compartment, the owner of the accompanied animal should pay for all seats of the compartment.

d. For guide dogs no fare is charged.



a. Online Passenger ticketing and issue of transport document for accompanied animal via Internet

In order to transport an accompanied animal and use the online ticketing service, prior contact with the customer service department of TRAINOSE is required. Call 14511 between 8:00am.-8:00pm. daily and 8.00am.- 14.00pm. on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

b. Issue passenger ticket and accompanied animal transport document at TRAINOSE sales points (points of sales that have electronic system seat reservation and ticketing).

To transport an accompanied animal company or guide dog, the employee in charge should check if the transport of a company animal/guide dog is allowed in the desired railway service, according to TRAINOSE terms as mentioned above and issue the passenger ticket and the accompanied animal transport document if required.

The attached files with the railway services, where the reception of accompany animals/guide dogs is allowed, remain as such.



* Under circumstances beyond TRAINOSE’s control, there might be changes to scheduled services. You are therefore, kindly requested, to always check with the sales offices or customer care number 14511, prior to arranging your journey.



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