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We would like to inform our passengers that the international itineraries  are suspended until further notice.

Our country’s railway connection to the rest of Europe has a long history and, after a brief hiatus, it was re-established, in May 2014.

The historic rail services “ Acropolis,” “ HellasExpress” and “Attica” of the 90s,  traveling to  Munich, have been replaced today by more flexible services to Sofia, Skopje and Belgrade, from where the passenger may travel onwards to  big European cities, by connection services.

Thus, TRAINOSE is back on “international track” with destinations in the Balkans and connecting services to the rest of Europe, with daily trains and many offers. The public has welcomed this new service, which is expected to have particular impact during the summer, since Thessaloniki and its broader area constitute a popular tourist destination!

For further information on services and fares, please, visit International Railway Services

Aiming at providing improved customer services, TRAINOSE facilitates rail  travel to additional European destinations, by cooperating with the ATTICA GROUP, and specifically – Superfast Ferries,  Blue Star Ferries & Hellenic Seaways.

For further information, please visit International Railway Offers



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