COSMOTE, VODAFONE, WIND network coverage improvement on trains 50/59 and 51/58 during operation

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Athens -Thessaloniki


Improved communication services through mobile phones, as well as internet access with smartphones or USB sticks are now offered by TRAINOSE to the passengers that travel in the route Athens - Thessaloniki, in cooperation with the mobile phone services providers COSMOTE, VODAFONE and WIND. 

This is feasible through the installation of a signal improvement system of the COSMOTE, VODAFONE and WIND networks, through a digital broadcasting technology, performed in the 1st and 2nd Class wagons, as well as in the wagon where the restaurant is, of the trains 50/59 and 51/58 operating the Athens - Thessaloniki route. 

There are various relevant indications that inform the passengers about the signal improvement, while TRAINOSE also considers the possibility of providing Wi-Fi services on board the trains, with the use of the existing system.

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