TRAINOSE S.A. was established on 19.12.2005 as a 100 % subsidiary of OSE S.A.

Since 01.01.2007 TRAINOSE S.A. has undertaken the operation and management of all the transportation activities (passenger, freight, etc) and has been operated as an independent company, being separately managed and organized, according to the provisions of the EU legislation.

The company is headquarted in Athens, but it operates offices and services in the geographic area adjacent to its network.

In July 2007, TRAINOSE acquired the PROASTIAKOS S.A., another OSE subsidiary which operated the suburban railway in Athens, thus adding to its scope the administration and operation of the suburban lines.

In December 2008, O.S.E. S.A. transferred all of its TRAINOSE shares to the Greek State, which in effect became the company’s sole shareholder on 31.12.2008.

In April 2013b the company’s total shares (100%) were transferred by the Greek State to the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF), which has been the company’s sole shareholder since.

TRAINOSE is being managed by its Board of Directors, comprising of seven Members, and it has three General Directorates: the General Directorate of Administrative Services and Financial Management, the General Directorate of Railway Operations and the General Directorate of Planning, Commercial Activities and Business Development.

The company is a member of the International Union of Railways (UIC), the Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER), the International Rail Transport Committee (CIT) and the Forum Train Europe. TRAINOSE is actively enhancing its international network, drawing valuable and specialized technical know- how in the process.

Today, the key activities of the company include::

  • The development, organization and operation of the urban, suburban, regional, intercity and international passenger and freight railway transportation, as well as all kinds of transportation using fixed track systems.
  • The development, organization and operation of multimodal transportation.
  • The development, organization and operation of urban, suburban, regional, intercity and international passenger and freight bus transportation, nationally and abroad.
  • The provision of logistics and related services
  • The organization, provision and operation of sleeping cars and catering services to passengers.
  • The provision of consulting services relevant to the scope of the company.

In fulfilling mission for sustainable development, a mission shared among its staff of 750 people, TRAINOSE aims at providing its customers with:

  • Reliable transportation
  • Clean and comfortable trains
  • On time and reliable information
  • Experienced and friendly staff

TRAINOSE S.A. assures quality in train travel and guarantees a safe, fast and accurate journey by respecting its customers, providing constant information, paying attention to the needs of people with mobility and other difficulties and offering modern infrastructure and trains meeting high standards.

TRAINOSE’s trains serve thousands of citizens wishing to travel within the Greek territory, as well as within the cities, daily. Its pricing policy is highly tuned in to the benefit of society as a whole, thus the company provides special pricing to specific social groups- i.e. children, youngsters, elderly, people with mobility difficulties, frequent travelers etc. TRAINOSE’s image is highly depended on its employees’ professionalism and its highly specialized staff, trained to promote and supply its services to its customers in the best possible manner.

It is a TRAINOSE priority to establish an exceptional relationship with the customer, characterized by respect, mutual trust and reliability.

In parallel, the company, having traditionally played an important role in local societies, aims at being a responsible partner in all the regions in which it operates.



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